Our Story

What's Different about Reveal Clothing

Our family started Reveal Brand in 2016 with a desire to make uniquely inspiring clothing for our friends. Our designs have personal meaning, and invite curious conversations. Reveal lifestyle apparel is faithfully made using the gifts we have been given and wish to share with everyone.


Founders Rick, Jett, and Kai set on an expedition through the Patagonia provinces to uncover virtues held within. Their adventure started by flying into the southern tip of Chile, Punta Arenas. From there, they wandered on the dirt roads North until they arrived to Torres del Paine, a unique area known for the sheer dragon teeth mountains and crystal blue waters. With the rations that they gathered in the nearest town of Puerto Natales, the trekkers took off on a 1 way navigacion to the remote wonderland. Through their campaign they saw a colossal glacier, cryogenic streams, magma leaved-trees, and Alongside the rugged landscape, the 3 experienced erratic blankets of rain and sonic winds exceeding 60 mph.