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Welcome to REVEAL, an inspired, coastal lifestyle brand. We’re a San Diego family business that’s been incredibly blessed. We’ve had some great trials like everyone else and found there can be great joy in spite of, or even because of them. We realized we had been given a great gift – and decided to unpack it.

Life is a Love story. What do you do when you’re loved more than you can imagine, expect, or feel you deserve? Would you share it every day, as best you can? Sometimes stumbling, sometimes soaring.


REVEAL wants to encourage people to explore what inspires them, and share it with others. For us, God’s Love is what inspires us. What inspires you? Your story is worth revealing, share it.

The Box Logo

Our logo starts conversations that can go anywhere, such as “what’s in the box?”, am I thinking "outside the box,” what's my “gift?”, etc. What does it mean to you? 



We are passionate about supporting people who are stepping up. So every month we'll be partnering with a worthy cause and helping them achieve their goals.

We have partnered with Nick’s Pick’s, a local charity dedicated to giving fun-filled backpacks to hospitalized kids with chronic illness.


Nick has an incredible story of triumph so please help support the mission.

If you have a cause you'd like to support, let us know.

Live Boldly!
Rick, Maribeth, Jett, Kai and Maverick Moy


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