REVEAL is an inspired lifestyle brand, started in San Diego, California in 2016 by three teens and their parents. Together, we are co-creators of unique fashion designed to inspire and encourage everyone to think and live outside the box. 

Kai Moy, Chief Designer, and his friends.

the Box

People often ask us about our box logo and the story behind it. Like life, the box is what you make of it. So you can fill it with your own meaning.

Unlike other brands, Reveal's logo can mean a lot of things, depending on your journey and situation. Don't put limits on yourself; don't box yourself in.  Don't put others in a box - judging or stereotyping. But, there's always more... 

To us, the box logo represents the gift we've all been given (a gift box), which is continually being revealed to us through God. It reminds us to not conform to what society tells us we should think, do, wear, and how we should behave. We should Think Outside the Box, and even Live Outside the Box. Not just for the sake of rebelling (though that's fun too), but in order to learn who we are, how we're loved, and what our purpose is.

Hopefully, you can see where this is going. Some brands are about companies and corporate profits. We want to be about inspiring you and your journey

Are you thinking outside the box? what's your gift? How will you use it? We hope you enjoy our designs and share them with your friends.


We are passionate about supporting people who are stepping up. So every month we'll be partnering with a worthy cause and helping them achieve their goals.

We have partnered with Nick’s Pick’s, a local charity dedicated to giving fun-filled backpacks to hospitalized kids with chronic illness.


Nick has an incredible story of triumph so please help support the mission.

If you have a cause you'd like to support, let us know.

Live Boldly!
Rick, Maribeth, Jett, Kai and Maverick Moy


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